Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lovely Ideas!

Good morning!
Wow... There is still so much to do!
I have literally got two boxes at home with all my invites and menu's in! I think they are absolutely gorgeous! I am making most of everything by hand, so it will be a DIY wedding... he he sounds funny!
Any case... I will post some of the invites for you all to see. lol seeing that i have my first blog follower. :-)
My invites i made from Masonite board and ribbon. Can you believe it cost me just under R200 for all my invites, Menu's, table numbers, cute words and seating chart???? I think that is pretty good even if i say so myself! So, i think for now, i would like to say....
Your wedding is going to be the utter most special day of your life! Why not put some elbow grease into it and get creative? You will be amazed to see what you can make yourself.
I added some photos of my favorite photographer from Lilly tot photography, Marisa van wyk.
Have a look at the small "jampies" as table gifts... What a nice country idea and how expensive can it be to dolly up a cute tiny jar of jam?

Untill later, Have a good day

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