Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Hi there!
I am helenka, and well... this is my first blog :-)
I got engaged on the 9th february - on my birthday might i add!! So, i thought why not make blog!!! It will be so exciting sharing my wedding plans and ideas to whoever is listening out there!!
As you might gather, My native tongue is afrikaans... it is al I speak every day, so my English might come off a bit rusty...
Throughout my blog you will get to here all the wedding arrangements i am making and so on...
This is the most exciting thing i have evre done!!!!! yayyy
So, Welcome to my Blog!
Below is a picture of me and soon to be Husband "Manlief!" hehhehe

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  1. my brother is getting married in December, I am helping him plan his wedding as his fiance is in Germany for the next few months,

    weddings are very exciting :)